How I Make Kombucha

Before Christmas I attended a twelve week Raw Food Mastery course and it's been one of the best investments I've made in my health. 

I learnt so much about a whole different food culture. The course covered everything from sprouting, cold pressed juicing, dehydration, raw chocolate and fermentation. There are some preconceptions that raw food is only cold but we made gorgeous sprouted porridges and warm soups heated up to 46 degrees that were so comforting and wholesome. 

I've changed lots of elements of my diet and one thing I make consistently now is Kombucha. 

It can seem very strange initially but the benefits are really amazing and honestly I now love the taste of it. You can of course buy it but if you're going to be drinking a lot making your own is much cheaper. 

Here is how I make mine:

You will need:

  • 60g of organic sugar to 1 litre of tea made with filtered water. I've experimented with different black teas and I actually prefer it with organic green tea. 
  • 1 Kombucha skoby. You can buy them >Here<
  • I use a large Kilner jar with a tap, so when it's ready I just allow it out. 
  • Fruit to flavour for the second ferment. 


  • Wash your Kilner Jar after purchasing and make sure to rinse it well. 
  • Brew a strong tea. I use about 4 tea bags for 1 litre of tea.
  • Leave it to stand for at least an hour until it's cooled. 
  • Add 60g of sugar to the tea and stir with a wooden spoon. 
  • Your skoby will come in a previously brewed Kombucha tea. Add this to the kilner jar with your skoby. 
  • When cooled to below 37* - luke warm- pour the sugar tea mixture into the skoby. 
  • Leave the lid slightly open to let fresh air in but cover with a tea towel and an elastic band to stop dust or flies getting in. 
  • Leave it in a warm place away from direct sunlight. 
  • After a week taste it. The bacteria eats the sugar so you know it's ready when it's not as sweet. I like mine after 10 days. If you leave it longer it can go very tart. 
  • Pour it out into another jar for the second ferment. I always leave about an inch of Kombucha in the base of the original jar as 'starter' for your next brew. 
  • In this second jar I like to add some flavour - ginger and lemon works well as do berries. 
  • Close this jar firmly and allow the carbonation (fizziness) build up. You will need to burp it by opening the jar and allowing some of the pressure out after a day. 
  • In 3 days it will be ready to enjoy. 
  • Using the continuous brew method I just add my next batch of tea into the Kilner jar. There's no need to clean it out in between and actually this will interfere with the environment. 

There are so many videos on how to make Kombucha - this is a good one. 

or see mine below:

Happy Fermenting! 


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