My Ibiza Recommendations

I am just back from a family holiday in Ibiza. It was the first time we had all been away in years and I didn’t know what to expect but Ibiza has a magical reputation and I completely understand why now. We were away for a week and squeezed so much in. We all stayed in a private villa and on the first day did a big shop which kept us going for breakfast and lunch nearly every day. There seemed to be a huge organic movement throughout the Island and the fresh produce was fabulous. These are some of the places we went and I enjoyed such beautiful vegan food:


Atzaro has a special family connection as it’s where my bother and his wife were married. It has a rustic, yet luxurious feel, and the grounds are filled with vegetable and herb patches and naturally the food is incredible.

It also has a stunning spa where we all got treatments. The treatment package included being able to join in a yoga class which took place at 7pm and continued for 90 minutes as the sun set. The lounge areas here are so beautiful and the atmosphere is that kind of hip peaceful vibe that Ibiza does so well.

Lio, Ibiza,

The photos from Lio will be kept under wraps as they all involve our whole family dancing, singing and basically having a ball. It consists of a whole cabaret performance with the most incredible dancers and music to be enjoyed whilst eating our meal. It’s expensive for sure but the music and almost theatrical performance makes this not just a normal dinner. They actively encourage you all to get involved and any feeling of awkwardness quickly disappears as everyone gets involved and it’s great fun. It turns into a nightclub after so you could stay the whole evening but we walked across the road to Pacha to David Guetta’s night F**k Me I’m Famous. I think even if you’re not keen on nightclubs in general it’s always interesting to check out what’s considered the best of the best. Pacha itself had a terrace where you could enjoy a drink away directly from the music if you wanted or else head inside and just embrace it all. My brother is very into his dance music and suggested checking out another club Hi after. I arrived home with my ears ringing and that incredible feeling when you feel as if the bass of the music is vibrating though your whole body. The energy inside was so high I felt brought back to life in a way I haven’t felt for a while.

Amante feels like it is carved out of the side of a cliff. It feels almost impossibly precariously overhanging the crashing waves and yoga here was a really beautiful experience. The level is mixed and we went as a family and all enjoyed it. The class lasted 90 minutes and the €30 cost included a buffet breakfast afterwards. Lying in savasana at the end of the session with the rhythmic waves drawing in and out felt like a deep almost spiritually earthy meditation. The breakfast comprised of lots of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, toast, pastries and yogurt enjoyed overlooking the beach.

We ate breakfast at home nearly every day but towards the end of the week we were all craving a good coffee and a juice. Passion cafe is a relatively reasonable cafe with cold-pressed juices, great coffee, smoothie bowls and lots of vegan options. Their avocado toast menu (!) actually had about 8 variations! It was busy and we had a short wait for a table but it’s set on a promenade overlooking the sea which is a nice way to pass the time. I ordered tofu scramble and a charcoal latte which was delicious. This is the kind of quirky vegan thing I love but they also have simpler eggs on toast if that’s what you want.

On the first day we took a boat out for the day and went to Formentera. On the island there is an incredible restaurant called Juan Y Andrea. Surrounded by topaz blue water and pale sand the setting is amazing. It’s expensive, as are a lot of places here, but the portions are generous and 1 course is definitely plenty. The abundant freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic fills you up also. It feels like being on a dessert island here and the fact that everyone is barefoot as you literally are in the sand adds to that casual unpretentious atmosphere that seemed predominant.

Hacienda is a really gorgeous spa and, dating back to 1970, one of the older hotels in Ibiza. The spa is state of the art and one really special element is the cliffside series of jacuzzi pools. There are moroccan themed day beds surrounding and the view is spectacular. Afterwards leave time for lunch in the restaurant. The food is sublime and amid the bohemian surroundings, very sophisticated.

Nobu in Ibiza is actually a hotel and as you would expect, it’s stunningly beautiful. It’s a glamorous, modern and sophisticated. The food is heavenly and there are so many vegan options. We went here on our first night out and then onto Pacha which is a five minute taxi away. A word of warning - don’t go there starving - the menu is pricey, we just had main courses.

For our last night we went to Sunset Ashram and it was so worth it. Naturally the view is incredible but it’s also on a gorgeous beach. The food is lovely although simple enough - think Curry, Pad Thai and Calamari - but it’s the atmosphere that makes here so special. We were there in early May and it was quite chilly so bring a jumper or a blanket with you.

When I first went to Ibiza my family rented a house but on going back with my friends we stayed in Me Ibiza. The Hotel was lovely and the pool and being able to walk down to the sea nearby was lovely. The only downside was that we found ourselves getting quite expensive taxis into town most evenings. Have a look at it on a map and if you’re going out every night it might not be a great choice, but we found just relaxing by the pool everyday was lovely. The breakfast was superb and the yoga classes were amazing.

I really hope you enjoyed these tips.

Let me know if you’ve any more for when I go back!


Holly White, Vegan Ibiza Guide,