My Tips For Gift Giving This Christmas*

Coming close to Christmas I’ve suddenly had that bizarre realisation that I need to start thinking of buying a few gifts for people, rather than solely creating wish lists for myself!

Like most people having been on the receiving and the giving end of presents for a while now there are a few simple lessons I’ve learned. From presentation to practicality I’m sharing my tips for gift giving this Christmas below:

Holly White, Christmas Gift Giving, Bia Beauty, Local shopping, Dublin

Use Tissue Paper Instead Of Wrapping Paper

A good portion of wrapping products aren’t recyclable. Although it’s called wrapping paper, many kinds of gift wrap are actually made with shiny foil or coated in plastic film, rendering it unfit for the recycling bin. Same goes for plastic ribbons and bows, they’re inexpensive and pretty but can’t be recycled. Tissue paper can easily be composted. Tissue paper is usually made out of recycled paper, therefore the fibers are already shortened to the point where it cannot be recycled again. Some wrapping paper can be recycled but avoid purchasing shiny wrapping paper as it leaves metallic flecks in the paper recycling process.

Buy Charity Christmas Cards

Holly White, Christmas Gift Giving, Bia Beauty, Local shopping, Dublin

Every year you more than likely will find yourself needing to buy Christmas cards. Choosing ones that support a charity is a simple way to make a small donation to a cause you would like to support. The ISPCA ones are always very cute and are available to shop >here<

It goes without saying that you should never leave a gift at a party without some sort of note or card, lest they not have a clue who the present is from, but also in a time where so much of our communication happens online taking a moment to put pen to paper is a lovely thing and serves as a nice memento to keep long after the decorations have come down.

Holly White, Christmas Gift Giving, Bia Beauty, Local shopping, Dublin

Buy Local

Holly White, Christmas Gift Giving, Bia Beauty, Local shopping, Dublin

Last week I spent a few evenings at the craft fair in the RDS. My mum takes a stand there every year and it’s always a lovely experience wandering around all the stalls. This year in particular I was really blown away by the standards of products. Whether it’s Jewelery, crockery, art, candles, beauty products or clothing there are so many amazing Irish producers creating such beautiful potential Christmas gifts.

Think Practical

I don’t want to dim anyone’s enthusiasm but I’ve really reached a point where I want to give and receive things that are genuinely useful. In my shopping choices I always think of elevating everyday life and invest in the basics I will turn to weekly, if not daily, rather than annually. One product I really love, and use daily, is Bia Beauty Lemon and Myrtle hand wash and hand cream.

Tracey Ryan, a Cork based Herbal Scientist created Bia Beauty products that are 100% natural, highly effective, completely cruelty free and beautifully packaged. The ingredients used include a selection of fruits, nuts and seed oils, cocoa butters, coconut butters, aromatic spices and fragrant essential oils and any preservatives in the products are entirely plant derived. Because I own 3 cats and am cooking a lot I wash my hands countless times a day and I love their Lemon Myrtle Hand wash and moisturiser which I leave by my sink all the time. The hand wash is derived from organic coconut and sunflower oils and the hand lotion has sweet almond oil to nourish and both products have antibacterial lemon myrtle essential oil leaving your hands smelling fresh. If you know someone who works with their hands this would be such a lovely gift and you’re also supporting an Irish Independent business by buying from them.

Holly White, Christmas Gift Giving, Bia Beauty, Local shopping, Dublin

If In Doubt, Think Experiential

What to buy those who appear to have all they need is often tricky, and here I would suggest thinking about investing into spending time together as a gift. Think cooking, cocktail or craft classes or something fun to do together. Friendships are built from fun memories so if in doubt have a think about how a memorable day could be spent together, write it on a card, and make your presence & time your gift.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and looking forward to catching up in the new year!

Lots of love,

Holly White, Christmas gift lists, Bia Beauty,
Holly White, Christmas Gifts, Vegan Gift sets, Dublin, Ireland

*Many thanks to Bia Beauty for collaborating with me on this post. You can shop their full range online and check out my personal favourite Lemon Myrtle HandWash and hand cream gift set >here<