6 Rules To Live By in 2018*

As I am writing this we are nearing the end of January but it's been a busy and challenging month and got me thinking about a few rules I want to make for myself. These are the rules I will live by in 2018 and I though you might be interested! 

Buy Sustainably And Well

Grey Jacket - buy  >Here<

Grey Jacket - buy >Here<

Last year I discovered Marie Kondo. I've watched lots of her videos and really love the concept. I've done a few clear-outs in both my wardrobe and also my beauty drawers raising over €450 for the ISPCA in the process! What I discovered going through my clothes was that the things that might have been a little bit of a stretch or investment were what I wanted to hang onto. Of course things like white t-shirts, socks and underwear need to be regularly rotated but in general I found that when I had prioritised buying well - at whatever price range- those pieces stayed in the 'keep' pile. I also want to support more local boutiques like my long-term favourite Bow and Pearl, which has recently moved to the Swan Centre. I always find very cute pieces in there and have been living in a pair of jeans and a jumper I picked up recently and this leather jacket and dress were perfect for layering in London. When it gets warmer I'll wear the dress with bare legs and sandals. 

Bronagh, the owner, has such a good eye for curating the perfect 'casual smart' wardrobe. I always feel your business is really appreciated in local boutiques and it's such a pleasure to shop in places like her's. 

Don't Be Afraid To Evolve

One of the best business books of all time apparently, is also a very quick read. I read Who Moved My Cheese a few years ago and it never ceases to amaze me how the simple storyline is so relevant. The premise is that change is inevitable and adapting is a skill we must all learn for survival. It's told through the eyes of mice and very sweet! 

This past year was my first as a full-time blogger and towards the latter half of it, after my wedding, I found the confidence to start showing my passion for plant based food and started sharing some recipies and doing demonstrations. I have just completed a weeks' vegan chef training and this weekend I am doing two demonstrations in Kildare Village - to book in see >here< It feels scary moving into new territory but what I feel it'll be an interesting year career-wise for sure! 

Read More

Before we went on honeymoon I bought a Kindle and it's been one of the best things possible. I've read more fiction in the past two months than I had in the past two years. I had really missed that feeling of escaping into a book and switching off, and forgotten how important it is to let our minds de-focus from social media and online news. 

I have a huge list of recommendations from you all and will hopefully work my way though them all. My advice would be- if there's a book you've been longing to read, or you want to catch up on the classics, prioritise it. We all need a switch off from the news, from our phones and even from reality for a few moments. 

Mind My Health

I used to pride myself on having good health consistently, until this year, assuming that a good diet kept me on the right side of things. All this changed when I went to an event the week I got back from Honeymoon. 

Someone beside me mentioned they were recovering from a really bad flu and I reassured them that I would be fine. Queue two days later I was spluttering, coughing and suffering from the worst aches I have ever experienced. We had planned a weekend in London, and although I got there, most of our plans had to be cancelled and when we made it out I was ordering hot water for Lemsip rather than wine. I then did 6 days of Plant Based Chef training with said flu and to be honest I am only now feeling OK. I passed it onto Andrew as well though... I learnt a lot about the fact that we are not immune and also how even with a flu, life has to go on, miserably so, and it's not worth taking any risks. 

I've since stocked up on a really strong Vitamin C - Altrient C - which I take every day now as well as a probiotic. I'm not taking any chances, if someone says they're sick, they're doing you a favour and it's not rude to give them a little space. 

Maintain Essential Friendships & Allow New People In

I wish someone had told me that just as life evolves, so too do friendships and social circles. I'm the kind of person that nostalgically clings onto the past 'just because'. I'm a very loyal friend, which is a good thing, but I'm not great at letting new people in. I hope this year I can relax on the latter and allow new friendships to form based on connection, not just because I've known someone for a decade! 

Taylor Swift Knows What's Up

Taylor Swift's latest album has been playing on rotation on my Spotify ever since it came out. After a relative silence for most of 2017 the album came back strong. What sticks with me the most is the title 'Reputation'

The past few weeks have seen a lot of revelations in the blogging world. The novelty has worn off and followers are becoming far more discerning. If bloggers are earning off their influence, readers and followers now know they have a say in the matter, and exercise a pretty powerful right to easily unfollow if they don't like what they see. Your reputation in whatever field is the most important thing you will ever own. More than ever I feel this is the year of upholding our reputations online, in real life, in everything. I am so grateful for the community I have online here and hope to continue to create the kind of content you love and share the fun! 

Excited for the year ahead! 

Lots of love, 

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Shop the look - Jacket >Here<  Dress >Here<

Shot by Sarah Blake in Pall Mall in London. 

*This post is created in collaboration with Bow and Pearl Boutique.