It's About Self Love

Valentines Day rolls around next week and whilst I am fully aware these days are marketing strategies, the sentiment behind it has me thinking. 

The idea of devoting a day to Love is a wonderful thing. Naturally it shouldn't just be for one day  or need a holiday to draw our attention to it, but sometimes we need an occasion to make us think a little deeper.

This year I am engaged and soon to be married. I've also been going through something a bit intense which I discussed on Snapchat yesterday. If you missed it, to be brief I have been receiving some online harassment and anonymous letters. I had kept this to myself assuming it was part of the territory of being a blogger or that maybe people wouldn't particularly care or be interested. 

That changed when Andrew shared the letters on his Facebook and I decided to open up on Snapchat. I didn't know what to expect. A few hours after posting I had received nearly a hundred private messages all sending love and compassion and understanding. The same happened on Facebook and it has entirely changed my perceptions on social media. 

There is a great Ted Talk on how vulnerability is the gateaway to love by Brene Brown. Yesterday I realised that is so true.

This year in the lead up to Valentines day I learnt so much more about love, when I thought I knew it all. In being vulnerable and open I got more of a response than I ever have before and it's changed my opinion on how I will form my content and also given my personal esteem a huge boost. I also realised that love comes in so many forms and I received an avalanche of it yesterday via messages, texts, and snaps. 

Jo Malone is a women I admire so much. I interviewed her a few months back (read the article >here< ) and when I told her about my upcoming wedding and she so kindly sent me White Rose and Lemon Leaves perfume to wear on the day. It's a very fresh, clean pretty scent. 

They have a new personalised service for the candles where you can have two 14 character lines printed on the front and I was so pleased when they sent me one as a press sample in the same fragrance. I chose to have my name on it and I'm glad now as It feels like a little celebration of me which, this year, I feel I deserve.

I invite you all to celebrate yourselves this Valentines in some way. Self-love sounds very clich√© but I think I am finally on the way to understanding it. Instagram likes and snapchat screenshots aren't the way to gauge your life, but for me they represent when I know I am connecting with people. I feel I may finally be getting it and want to be far more honest and as open as I feel comfortable being. 

Wishing you all lots of self-love, happiness and personal celebration this Valentines Day.

If you are looking for a truly personal gift The Jo Loves Personalised candle can be bought >here< 

Lots of love, 


I was gifted this candle as a press sample for my consideration. For more information see my Disclaimer