My Sustainable Dressing Tips

With sustainability very much at the forefront of our minds as 2018 comes to an end I thought I would share my simple tips that keep my wardrobe in-check. I’m a style lover and for events I need to be well turned out so buying is an at times unavoidable necessity but here are some rules I abide by:

Purchase from brands who are doing more

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Sometimes I find myself happy to pay more for something if I admire the brand values and if they are doing charity work also. I loved this coat is from GANT and knew it would break up all the dark pieces I typically wear but also they are doing some incredible sustainability work which you can read about on their site that I was thrilled to know in some small way I was supporting.

As a way to contribute to much-needed change in the cotton industry, GANT is a proud and active member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). BCI is the world’s largest non-profit organization working to secure a more sustainable future for the cotton sector. To achieve this mission, BCI-licensed farmers are educated to implement more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production practices. This means using water more efficiently, minimizing the use of chemicals and the negative effects of pesticides, and improving livelihoods and economic development for cotton growers. They have also partnered with fishermen in the Mediterranean to remove some of the 165 million tons of plastic floating in our oceans, and upcycle it into the yarn for their shirts.

Invest in classic pieces in neutral tones

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When it comes to buying a coat it’s best to invest in a classic piece that will work both casually and more formally. As much as I love print it’s easy to get sick of after just a few wears. Think of neutral colours and how well they will work with almost everything. In terms of other items I generally find classic knits and white t-shirts are in heavy rotation so I know they’re good investments. Seriously consider can you see yourself wearing an item of clothing several times, in several ways, before purchasing.

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Buy your denim well

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A good pair of jeans will last and last. Recently I wanted a pair of cropped black jeans and I found out about M.I.H. which stands for Made in Heaven which is very sweet. Not only are their jeans stunning but the company ethos is remarkable. 50% of their cotton in their jeans already comes from more sustainable sources including organic and Better Cotton 

Their brand has chosen to focus on the key areas of transparency, reducing their impacts, and ensuring the ethical performance of our garment makers. They require traceable cotton from denim suppliers, work to reduce their environmental impacts across the supply chain, from raw materials to end of use and are constantly assessing how they work, in order to set targets to further improve responsible sourcing, product transparency and impact reduction 

They also have a system whereby if you send them your old jeans, from any brand, they will give you 25% off your next pair.

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Head to toe..

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One of the things that I often get asked is where to get good vegan footwear. I always suggest picking the most sustainable long-wearing option possible and weigh up in your mind what you feel comfortable with. Personally I have bought a few pairs from Will’s Vegan Shoes and found them brilliant. Synthetic leather doesn’t have as much stretch as standard leather so buy your exact size rather than assuming there will be a little give. They come in carbon neutral plastic-free fully recyclable packaging as well showing this is a brand that has considered every element.

Donate what you are no longer using

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As well as sharing your pieces amongst friends and family, when you feel you are likely not to wear a piece again pile them up into a bag and drop them into your local charity shop. Some retailers such as TK Maxx have a collection point in-store and also a lot of recycle centres where you bring your bottles will also have a clothing collection point. Most charity shops will also accept cosmetics and kitchen items so go through your house, have a clean up and pass on what you will no longer use.

Shoes - Will’s Vegan Shoes

Coat - GANT

Jeans - MIH

Blouse - GANT

Holly White, Sustainable style, GANT, MIH Jeans,
Holly White, Sustainable Style, GANT, MIH