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How I Do A Classic Red Lip
My Cruelty Free SPF Recommedations
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Animal Cruelty And Your Beauty Cabinet
My Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas
Announcing The 2017 Yonka Christmas Gift Sets*
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Natural Make Up Favourites
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10 Minute Make Up
My Tips For Skin Hydration*
My Current Skincare Routine
How To Do a Gray Smokey Eye*

A few weeks ago I was going through my make up bag and I found a grey eyeshadow palette. I looked up youtube videos and played around but it ended up looking like a more sooty and sultry eye.

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My Skincare Routine and Cleansing Tips*

Working with Yonka Skincare is something I really love. I was always interested in beauty but I have really taken things up a notch over the past year or so. 

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The Business of Beauty With Jo Malone

Having the opportunity to sit down with Jo Malone, one of the most successful entrepreneurs responsible for revolutionising the beauty industry, marked a personal career highlight. Globally recognised for building the beauty brand eponymous with her name she is now creating Jo Loves.

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