My Tips and Recommendations for a Cruelty Free Tan*

I'm not someone who you would associate with tan because I'm naturally so pale that even when I have it applied I don't look remarkably brown. I don't mind being pale and also hate the smell of a lot of tans, find them hard to apply and just don't like the look of a lot of them on my skin, so until I found the right products, I was happy to go without.  

Coming into Summer and enjoying this current gorgeous heatwave brings endless wardrobe possibilities that, given we're in Ireland, we have to enjoy while we can. I'm currently in a little bi-weekly tanning routine and having trialed a lot of products in search of the perfect glow and have found a few that I love. All are completely cruelty free and suitable for pale, sensitive skin and achieve the kind of results that have people asking have you been away, assuming it's actually a real tan.. 


It would be remit of me to say you just spray something on and you're instantly glowy and also completely false advertising. The skin on your body, like your face, needs a bit of maintenance to really shine. Given the fact that it's usually hidden under jumpers and layers of tights for 90% of the year it's easy to forget and neglect but since returning from my detox retreat I've been regularly Dry Skin Brushing. You simply take a natural bristle brush and on dry skin brush it over your skin in swooping movements towards your heart. It aids lymph flow and also exfoliates and literally adding 2 minutes of this in the morning daily will ensure fewer in-grown hairs and a much more even tanning application. 

Holly White, best Natural Vegan Tan, cruelty free,

Thoroughly Exfoliate 

About once a week I like to load up some scrub gloves with an exfoliator and brush them over my dry skin. What I really love about this sugar scrub from new Yonka Body range is that they are thick and creamy, yet once you shower them off they become milky and are easily rinsed off leaving no residue, just a stunning aroma and perfectly prepped smooth skin. 

Facial Tan 

The only facial tan I have ever used at home and liked is a combination of the Yonka Masque Number 1 and 3 or so drops of the Isle of Paradise facial tan. You can customise this, darker or lighter, to your preference but this suits me perfectly and the combination of the intense hydration of the sleep-in mask and tan literally means I wake up to plumped up, lightly tanned and nourished skin. I apply this just before bed and the results have blown me away. Other tans left my skin feeling parched and dry, this is the perfect mix for me and usually lasts about 3-4 days. I always exfoliate with the Yonka Gommage before to remove any old tan and prep my skin.

Holly white, best natural cruelty free, vegan tan

Body Tan

Again I really like the Isle of Paradise tanning water. It's organic, vegan and also cruelty free and the packaging is recyclable. Being a water also the smell is very light. You mist it onto clean dry skin and then buff it in with a mitt. It dries quickly and I've had no issues with staining or patchiness. I do put a tiny bit of oil on my nails and my knees and elbows to stop them absorbing too much product. The Modern Botany one is lovely and you only need the tiniest bit. 

Holly white, best natural cruelty free, vegan tan

Instant Tan

Vita Liberata Body Blur is several products in one and covers up any marks like bruises you might have as well as giving a gorgeous even tan and a lovely highlight. It dries in quickly and I've only just purchased a second tube as the first one lasted a really long time. It has never transferred onto anything else and even if you forgot to tan completely, it's a great addition to throw in the bag for a weekend away where you might end up dressing up as it's so quick to apply. 

I hope you love the results from these as much as I do! 

Holly white, best natural cruelty free, vegan tan

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Images - Johnny Macmillan.