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Holly White Alex Hutchinson
Holly White Alex Hutchinson
Holly White Alex Hutchinson

Last week I had the chance to work with Alex Hutch. I had seen his imagery and met him a few times, the right working opportunity just hadn’t presented itself.

TK Maxx contacted me to do some blog work with imagery for their newsletter and the perfect opportunity to work together presented itself. Extremely surprisingly the weather was amazing.

Once the official workload was ticked off we had a chat on my steps and he casually took some snaps of me outside my home. It’s amazing to work with someone genuinely passionate who simply loves taking pictures. These pictures were taken in approximately sixty seconds and I love them. To me that’s what art is all about and in the right conditions it happens very naturally. You can’t force it.

I’m aware that I haven’t updated my blog as much as I would like lately which leads me to something that’s been on my mind.

I was always obsessed with magazines from such a young age. I interned in Image magazine and assisted in The Irish Times as soon as I could. Magazines and now blogs have been one of the most influential and enjoyable additions to my life as far back as I can remember. I am genuinely passionate about fashion and beauty and media and have been all my life.


"The blogging world is going through a massive change at the moment. On the one hand bloggers are now undoubtedly taken as seriously as any magazine editor which is brilliant and long overdue, but with that comes massive pressure on everyone." 


Before the idea of having a blog was quite simple – your images weren’t expected to be perfection, nor your video editing skills. Now when youtubers show their home set ups you would need to take out a loan to invest in their camera kit, lighting and editing equipment. I love people’s perfectly curated Instagram feeds but I also enjoy them when it’s a bit of a mishmash of fun as well.

There are daily stories of bloggers building empires off the back of their blogs and whilst of course that’s admirable on the other hand it can make some people feel they aren’t doing as well as they should. The thing is that blogging is not a race and I hope those who may have less perfect blogs with their own quirky tales to tell and warranted space in the world keep posting despite the pressure to be the next blogging sensation.


I hope to keep my space and I suppose if I could say to anyone who might look at their google analytics or their likes or reach, it genuinely doesn’t matter as much as you may think. Everyone is valuable in the industry. I get very insecure from time to time but then I have these moments working on a shoot or getting a positive response and then I just know that I’m doing the right thing. I’m aware I need to turn down the noise, resist the desire to be a bit click-baity and just wait for the creative inspiration to come naturally, which it eventually does. It just takes occasional naps. I should add I am a huge fan of naps!

Anyway those are my thoughts. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel pressured or intimidated by super bloggers?

Lots of love,

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