My Five Timeless Style Essentials

Moving into 2017, and into full time blogging (scary to write that!) I want everything I do to be completely authentic. 

Soon we will meet with a wave of articles all about the trends for Spring Summer 2017 and whilst I love and work in fashion, I don't really buy into the trend reports. I buy well and timelessly as possible and so I thought I'd prefer to focus on that for my first style post of the year. Below are five key essentials in my wardrobe whatever the trend or season dictates. 

Bulk Buy White TShirts. 

A perfect crisp white T-shirt will truly never go out of style. I tend to buy them cheaper as once they've had about six months of wear and washing, they loose that sparkle. This one is from H&M but I have also found amazing ones in the mens underwear/sleepwear department in TK Maxx.  Whether it's layering underneath knitwear or providing the perfect blank canvas for a waterfall necklace a good white T-shirt is essential. 

Invest In a Gorgeous Bag

I had a bit of an epiphany two years ago when I realised that I had put owning a Chanel handbag at the top of a wish-list for over a decade with no plan of action bar hoping it would magically appear someday. I decided to take things into my own hands after turning 30 and went into Chanel to cost things up. The bags had just increased in price and I was mortified. It was just way too  much for me to save and also spend on a bag. En route home I found myself in Designer Exchange on Dawson Street and they had one Chanel handbag, with the gold metallics exactly as I had wanted. It was nine years old and in perfect condition and much more reasonably priced. I paid it off in instalments (full blog post on the experience and pics of the bag >here< ) and it was such a positive experience. 

I wanted a day-to-day bag in a bright primary colour and Paddy the owner sourced this amazing Prada for me. I find it brightens up any outfit and is practical enough to fit all the notebooks, my camera and things I like to have with me at all times. What I will say I know now about designer bags is that they can be bought for less than you might expect and from an environmental point of view it's far better to have one piece you genuinely love and will use day to day than chopping and changing for a multitude of cheaper bags. 

Good Jeans Will Serve You Well

Working in fashion I've seen a lot of denim. I've seen jeans from a little as €13 right up to the premium end of the market and I will say that all have their pro's and con's. The key thing I notice about cheaper denim is that it lacks elastane and therefore loses it's shape after a 6-10 wears and washes. If you like your denim to look a little more smart than just casual, shape is vitally important and once your cheaper pair have gone baggy at the knees and aren't hugging you at the waist, they're doing you no favours. These are Frame Jeans and definitely premium but I know I will get so much use out of a plain black pair and so far after several months wear they are good as new. They are also the longest leg jeans I have ever seen. I am 5' 9" and these are too long for me but I like roll the ends up so it doesn't matter.

An Ankle Boot Is Essential. 

I love a good low heel ankle boot. I have a black pair and these brown ones have a real 70's feel to them. In the summer these will be perfect with cut offs and during the Winter I'll wear them with thick black tights and mini dresses. These are From LK Bennet and were a sale purchase that I know I will love. An ankle boot will take you everywhere so if you happen to see them in the sales they're always a good buy.

Go For Sentimental, Meaningful Jewelery.  

When it comes to jewellery I definitely think it's imbued with so much more than initially meets the eye. It's also one of the easiest and potentially subtlest (if that's what you want) ways to inject your personal style onto a look. When I saw these little butterfly earrings in Pandora I bought them immediately. I have a pair of Angel wing earrings (featured >here<) that I love but they're quite big whereas these are more subtle. 

This Alex and Ani Bracelet symbolises Love, Radiance and Strength and while people like loads of them up their arms I like just one. I also love my Stella and Dot initial ring  which I wear on my baby finger. Both are very meaningful to me personally and I think that kind of jewellery should always be prioritised regardless of whether something costs €5 or €500. Whatever the trend reports say we should be wearing, my advise is to hold onto those pieces you love and hold dear always.

I'm now going to be full-time blogging (with a little TV periodically) and I've been really thinking about authenticity and it would be so wrong of me to say I buy into all the trends when those who know me, know I really don't at all! 

Anyway - it's the coldest day of the year so I hope you are keeping warm and your January is off to a great start. 

White T-shirt - Similar Jeans - Similar Ankle Boots - Similar.  

Lots of love,