My Travel Beauty Essentials

I am not one of those jet-setters who may as well live in Dublin airport, but I do go away often enough, usually with work, and have events to attend where I need to look fresh. There is nothing like an early start, a noisy stressful airport, followed by a meeting or presentation where you have to look your best to truly test your products! 

Most of the time I will just take carry on and all of these listed below are 100ml or under but when I went to fashion week and shot these pictures I had flown with Aer Lingus and checked in a 20 kilo bag, not entirely full of cosmetics. 

These are my tried and tested travel beauty essentials and why I love them: 

best travel beauty products

Body Products

cruelty free beauty products

The Yonka Phyto Bain is probably my favourites of all the body products in the range. It's universal and it's almost medicinal. 

When you think of a luxurious bubble bath it looks glamorous but it's not doing anything other than look nice. What separates Photo Bain is the healing and highly concentrated balance of a near magical combination of Indian chestnut, cypress and rosemary, sage and helichrise oils which are vitalizing mixed with petitgrain and lavender oils which are relaxing and balancing. If you are unsure regarding what to give a friend who is pregnant or has just given birth this would be my number 1 suggestion. It is free of parabens and 88% natural and suitable for those who are breastfeeding also. 

You only need a tiny amount and it feels luxurious, and non-drying on your skin but most importantly the scent is incredible. I've stayed in musty hotel rooms and this uplifts the space, soothes muscles and genuinely revives me. Those red eye flights and all the irritation and fatigue that goes with it disappear after a 15 minute soak in this. It's also 100ml so you can sneak it past the security. I follow this with the body lotion. There is a larger version of this that is 200 ml but I love that they also have a travel version which I took with me this time. 

Scent is very personal but I am veering more towards natural fresh perfumes. Since being introduced to the Jo Loves range early on I have been a huge supporter. If you are looking for a good holiday read her autobiography is brilliant. This bottle Red Truffle 21 is a special scent as it was one of the test sample bottles given out when the company was in it's infancy. The book is about bravery and facing the challenges life throws at us and as I was going to London very much by myself I wanted to bring this with me. I'm a deep thinker and quite emotionally connected to the integrity of products and this is special bottle. The smell is quite rich yet incredibly fresh. 


best vegan beauty moisturizers

With my skincare as you know I am an ambassador for Yonka Skincare and I genuinely love the brand and the results I am getting from the products. I now have a routine and I stick to it religiously. I have skin that can look very dull and is also prone to irritation, redness and the odd spot - just when you don't want it! Leading up to my wedding I met with one of the therapists and she recommended I use the Hydra number 1 serum and moisturiser on my wedding day and in the lead up to it to get my skin hydrated but not over whelmed. Because of sensitivity I have to make changes gradually but honestly now I never want to change from these two. It's hard to explain but if I put an oil straight onto my face it seems to just sit on top of it, whereas these have a moisture that actually penetrates, and my make up looks fresh on top of it. 

Lip balm wise this one by Alpha-H is lovely and tastes of mint and genuinely works when your lips are sore and chapped. Lastly and sadly an area I don't give enough attention is my neck. I went to a press day to meet Emma Hardie and she demonstrated how to use this product. It has an amazing massaging head on it which she showed us to use to drain all the puffiness from your face. It's lovely and cooling and a great addition especially if you're taking an early flight and want your skin to look it's best. 

fashion blogger review of bare minerals prep step

I always bring some sort of oil as I use it on my nails or even smoothing down the ends of my hair when it's really dry or for facial massage if I have a few extra minutes in the evening. With my skincare I am all about layering products on and you can see in a recent make up tutorial >here< how I prep my skin before applying any make up. I love this Botanics oil as it's 100% organic and really concentrated. 

I also always take a light facial SPF and this one by Bare Minerals is so fine and light. A little goes a very long way and it's also SPF 50. 


best supplements to take for vegans

For the most part I try to eat a diet full of fresh homemade food as much as possible. Obviously when travelling that's not possible so I need to make sure I am topped up nutritionally. Most importably I bring a probiotic with me to keep my good bacteria balanced and also I take effervescent vitamin C which helps ward off any colds and flu. At nighttime I tend to get weirdly restless in hotel rooms or if I am sleeping in a different environment and I find that taking some magnesium in a glass of water really helps to calm me. These vitamin c tablets don't contain any extra sugar which I like. 

vitamin c tablets don't contain any extra sugar  

Hopefully I will be off somewhere lovely soon. I've you've any other products you love to take away with you let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love, 

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