The Vegan-ish Book Launches

I'm writing this nearly a week on from when Vegan-ish first launched and it's quite surreal as so much has happened! 

The launch began with a blogger evening in Arnotts which quickly sold out. It might sound naive as it's assumed you're confident if you actually write a book but I found myself feeling a bit nervous about the reception in the lead up. The event comprised of Pamela Flood and I chatting all things life, my vegan journey and the writing process followed by a few questions and then a book signing. When I saw the queue and the pile of books all waiting to be signed my heart skipped a little. It was so lovely meeting everyone and seeing their response to the book.  

I spent the weekend visiting a few bookstores and signing as many copies as I could. I loved meeting all the staff and chatting to them about the book and just taking it all in. 

When it came to the press launch of the book we decided that something intimate and personal at home would be ideal. Hosting the event at home immediately limited us space wise but it was also a good thing as we knew how many we would be catering for as a maximum. In what truly is a piece of complete serendipity someone I really look up to and admire, Ella Mills, had also written a vegan cookbook and was going to be in Ireland at the same time as my launch and we agreed to co-host the event. We served dishes from both our books on one of the sunniest days over a 3 course lunch. My mum did the flowers and I had a slightly dramatic idea of moving the entire sitting room outside that morning but honestly it all came together so well. Her book The Plant Based Cookbook is incredible and I definitely recommend picking it up also.  

It's been the most amazing week and I've done quite a lot of interviews and have some radio shows booked in and I am also hoping to come to Cork, Kerry and Galway for signings so keep an eye on my instagram for updates on that and hopefully see you soon!