A Wellness Weekend In Knockranny House Hotel

Last weekend I was invited with some other journalists to a Wellness Weekend led by Melanie Walsh at Knockranny House Hotel.
Melanie is a Kundalini yoga teacher and she also practices sound therapy and brings a strong focus on the ancient shamanic healing tradition into her practice. It came at the perfect time. 2017 has been a really intense year and I felt my energy was a little lower the past few weeks. The idea of switching off and exploring some different therapies and yoga for a weekend sounded like heaven. 

I checked in on Friday night and was immediately blown away by the size of the room and the comfort. The bed was enormous and there was a whole separate seating area with a couch. The bathroom was also equally generous and had a jacuzzi bath as well as shower and twin sinks. 

After an early night we started Saturday off with Kundilani yoga which feels gentle initially but is actually highly detoxing. Melanie, the teacher, had a way of injecting humour into it and explaining why each step was important and by then end of it when we were relaxing in savasanah she did a guided mediation. After a quick breakfast it was time for a spirilina body wrap and mini facial in Spa Salveo. 

After treatments you could use the aromatherapy grotto, herbal sauna, scented steam room, monsoon shower and hydrotherapy body massage stations but I chose to have a quick lunch in the bar - which was at our leisure- and then went for a walk. 

In the afternoon we had a sound bath which is an ancient sound-healing practice whereby the you relax in a reclining position  and allow the healing sounds of traditional musical performances to bath over you. The music is typically generated by such instruments and methods as singing bowls, gongs, drumming, tuning forks and chanting. This was a deeply moving experience and it's hard to put into words how intense it was, and also how spine tinglingly incredible you feel during it. 

Afterwards we had some time to chill out and take all the energy in. I felt very emotional and it's definitely not something to underestimate. That night we had dinner in the restaurant La Fougere which was lovely but feeling exhausted I was equally excited to go back to the gorgeous room for a long bath and bed. 

What struck me was how deeply I slept that night. I felt exhausted the next day, as if a big reset button had been hit and whilst I was there the wheels were in motion. We had a last yoga class with Melanie and even though it had only been a few days I think we were all extremely grateful and also surprised by how healing the weekend had been. 

We had a final treatment of a massage in the spa and then the weekend had come to an end. 

The next Wellness Weekend Weekend is happening on the 19th & 20th January and
includes 2 nights stay with breakfast each morning, lunch in the Brehon Bar on Saturday as well as dinner in La Fougére, a spa treatment on each day, all the yoga, the sound bath and use of the thermal suites throughout.  

Price €299pps for more information see knockrannyhousehotel.ie

Knockranny House Hotel Yoga Weekend