Wrapping Up For Winter

Yesterday was Hurricane Ophelia but thankfully we were safe enough and I actually spent more time than I would like to admit (hours!) watching John Lennon documentaries on Youtube. Today there is a stillness in the air but no doubt Winter is on it's way and it's definitely chilly.  

As it gets colder these are a few recent additions to my Winter wardrobe that I am loving at the moment! 


With Winter coats and jackets I always go for as many neutral tones as possible, gray, white, black, beige, so that individual items will all work well with whatever else I may have. I had been looking for a jacket that would smarten up jeans and keep me super cozy and I loved the funnel neckline on this as soon as I saw it. It comes up to the top of your neck once zipped up and so you don't need a scarf with it. It is so warm, yet also feminine and smart. 

I am always looking for failsafe pieces and these these black faux leather leggings tick every box. They have a leather look to the front, and lycra and stretch on the back which will maintain their shape. I find a lot of leggings go baggy and look frumpy, however with these that won't be an issue. I will wear these with a chunky knit jumper and flats or something more dressy and heels for going out! 

I was also looking for a shoe that I could wear out with jeans, and skirts that was glamorous but comfortable and I loved these. The neutral grey means they would effortlessly work with black, navy and also lighter jeans. They are high, yet not too high and have ankle support which having learnt the hard way is just essential for a night out! 

Now that Winter is well and truly here I will have all of these in high rotation. We have also just booked out Girl's Christmas lunch which I am so excited about. As times get busier we mainly meet at weddings and hen's but our Christmas dinner is almost sacred at this stage, and thankfully booked! 


Hope you are all safe and sound after yesterday and keeping wrapped up! 

Lots of love,