Announcing The 2017 Yonka Christmas Gift Sets*

For nearly two years now I have worked with Yonka Skincare as one of their ambassadors here in Ireland and I've learnt so much more than I ever imagined about plant based natural skincare. Hand on heart it truly is one of the most beautiful skincare ranges that heals on every level. My skin has never looked better and barely a week goes by where I don't receive a message online from a follower who has discovered the range and fallen in love with the products and treatments. 

With Christmas literally around the corner I thought I would talk you through the gorgeous Christmas gift sets which would make anyone happy come Christmas Day!

Firstly I have to comment on how beautiful the actual gift boxes are. Since using the Kon Marie method to clean out my make up I am all about beautiful storage boxes to keep things organised and these are perfect for separating your products after they have been enjoyed on Christmas Day. 


The gift sets are separated into three options for moisturisers, body care and candles and a diffuser. 

Facial Care Gift Sets 

I have always felt that your moisturiser is the most important part of any skincare regime as it's on the longest and therefore has the greatest chance of impacting your skin condition. These are the options available this Christmas, with some incredible savings which I have outlined below. 

Yonka Christmas Gift

Exceptional which includes 50 ml of both the Excellence Code Creme and the Excellence Code Masque - priced at €164.25 there is a €54.75 saving. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Excellence Code

Sincere which includes 50 ml of the Elastaine Jour and Nuit Cream and is priced at €84.75 with a €28.25 saving. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Elastaine Jour

The Vibrant kit contains 50 ml of the Vital Defence creme and 15 ml of the Alpha contour eye cream and is priced €64.50 with a €21.50 saving than if you were to buy them individually. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White

Bath and Body Care 

One of my absolute hero products is the Yonka Phyto Bain. I have spoken about this in depth and in short - no bath oil comes close the healing and revitalising combination of Indian chestnut, cypress and rosemary, sage and helichrise oils mixed with petitgrain and lavender oils. If you are unsure regarding what to give a friend who is pregnant or has just given birth this would be my number 1 suggestion. It is free of parabens and 88% natural and suitable for those who are breastfeeding also. This comes in a gift bag with a huge 200ml Lait Corps for €63, a €21 saving.  

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White phyto Bain

Yonka Candles and Diffuser 

If you weren't quite sure what to gift someone skincare wise another gorgeous option is either a candle or a diffuser.

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Yonka Candles

The candles come in three scents, Quintessence, Orange Blossom & Petitgrain, and when it comes to Christmas scents I have to be honest and say I am not usually a fan but the Yonka Cedar - Cypress is the chicest most beautiful crisp scent. It's a very clean evergreen smell, like Christmas trees in the snow and gorgeously fresh. It's my number one choice to have lit in the sitting room all December. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural Christmas candles

Whilst candles are always lovely a diffuser is also a great long-lasting option. It comes in a Bouquet De Provence scent infused with Petitgrain, lavender, and rosemary which is a subtle clean scent. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural diffuser

Male Grooming 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural male skincare

Lastly, not forgetting the men, Yonka also have a giftset for them with a foaming gel cleanser, an the Nutri Moist cream which is so soothing on their skin especially after shaving. The kit is priced at €66.50 with a saving of €7.20 than if you were to buy them individually. 


If you have any questions on the gift sets or wish to purchase them check out the nationwide salon listing >Here< to find your nearest Yonka outlet! 

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love, 

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*I am an ambassador for Yonka Skincare. All opinions are my own. 

Photography - Johnny McMillan. 

Hair - Moyo Hairdressers using Aveda colour & Products. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Christmas gift sets