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A Bridal Day Out July 2nd 2016

Bridal Day Out

This is definitely one of the posts I am more nervous writing than most...but after a few months solidly working on it I am delighted to announce that the Bridal day out I first mentioned on my Snapchat (HollyKateWhite) is now booked in and happening on Saturday 2nd July.

Being newly engaged is a really exciting time but what I couldn't get over was the amount of people who told me they had bad experiences in the planning. Between being rushed through make up trials, waiting ages for wedding dress shop appointments, and finding it difficult to communicate with hairdressers it all sounded very deflating.

Now I am certainly no expert myself but I know some of the people who genuinely are.

What I have created is an day where brides to be can come for impartial beauty, hair and make up advice from professionals who have decades of experience between them and plenty of celebrity clientele

This is the kind of day as I as a new bride-to-be would love to attend with my mum or my bridesmaids. I know it will be so much fun, but also really informative. This is the time to ask all the questions from the experts in a comfortable environment with absolutely no pressure.

Throughout the day the amazing girls from Polish (my favourite nail salon) will be set up giving everyone free file and paints keeping your nails looking beautiful. It's always nice when people are asking to look at your ring to have a fresh manicure and Leanne and Sarah are the best girls for the job. They can also show you some bridal colour options for our big day!


The day will begin with beauty advice from Triona McCarthy who as everyone knows is a bit of a legend in the beauty business. This girl knows her stuff inside out. Triona will be talking all about your beauty routine, what's worth investing in and what is useless- she's also hilarious!


Afterwards Aimee Connolly who some of you may know from Xposé will do a full bridal make up demonstration. What I love about Amy is that she creates that lovely polished Victoria's Secret kind of make up. If doing your own make up is an option on the day Aimee will guide you on what products are essential and how to look camera ready on the day. Trusted by Lisa Cannon for her own wedding make up Aimee is a true pro.


Overall I hope this is a really valuable day out for brides to be and that people leave having enjoyed themselves and also having had all their questions answered as well as having had plenty of fun!

Lots of love,

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